sylvie grace


Summer’s finally here in Chicago! Of course, what better way to celebrate this warm atmosphere than by us providing y’all with some tunes to help get you through the week? Coming back again with our installment of Mixtape Mondays, our purpose is to enhance your musical knowledge with some of the dopest music that’s been buzzing through our ears at the AMFM Lab. So whether you’re riding your bike out through the neighborhood, or you’re waiting to hop on the Pink Line, here’s some jawns to keep y’all flowing through the week.



With the political climate that we’re currently in, it’s soothing and therapeutic for us to engage through our various platforms and communities across the city. HYPHENS is the collaborative duo of DXTR Spits and Lester Rey, who have released their latest music video “Arrachera”, stemming from their upcoming project “everybody eats!”. In this video, we see the two representatives of black and brown communities uniting with each other while cooking up some arrechera (skirt steak) in the kitchen. With Lester Rey’s soulful voice resonating the anthem “Yo estoy ganando” and DXTR’s witty rhyme skills (I’m walking in here like I own the whole world/ Cuz you know my soul glo like the Jheri Curl), this is a powerful anthem that touches on the continuing support of our black and brown communities. So, be on the lookout for their project coming out this summer. Until then, keep this on the loop.


gem and i

Based out of St. Louis while residing in Chicago, the multi-disciplinary female singer/MC known as Gem Tree has now released a 5-track EP titled “Gem and I” (nice play on the word Gemini). With her inspirations ranging from Lauryn Hill and Anita Baker to Migos and Anderson Paak, it should come as no secret that her method of embodying her original sound through a magnified balance of hip-hop and R&B bleeds through each song. The first single, “Mary Jane” contains a meditative harp-like melody that is equivalent to waking up to a bright Sunday morning. The next track after, “No More”, settles as a distinctive polar opposite to the previous one; a high-energy, 808-heavy, booming trap performance, with a melodic balance of her soothing vocals and versatile rap skills. Check out her entire EP below!


no clue

Rich Jones is no stranger to bridging the gap and blending the genres of Chicago’s historic sound of soul music and the modern Chicago rap scene. With his latest track “No Clue” starting off with a witty snap of the finger, then progressing into a relaxing trio-blend of live instrumentation (bass, guitar, drums), Rich’s voice just adds another soothing layer on top of what is already a vibe-filled song. The guest verse of Mykele Deville should come as no surprise, that being the brother oozes knowledge and wisdom beyond his years. As Rich said it himself, “If this 1 doesn't make you move even a little bit, YOU are the Feds!” Peep the new track here, and let the vibes take control.



mother nature

Mother Nature is a hip-hop duo made up of Klevah from Champaign, IL and T.R.U.T.H., repping the Austin neighborhood of Chicago. One aspect of their group that is incredibly unique is the dichotomy between their flow and the political messages they want to convey through their music (“I got the sun on me/ they got the gun on me”). Shots and moments of strong beautiful black women fill the screen, each having their own story to tell. The video directed, shot, and edited by Chicago artist Jovan Landry illustrates the multi-faceted personalities of Mother Nature: the liveliness, the enticing, and the charismatic; all while fearlessly addressing social issues without hesitation. Check out the video below, be on the lookout for their upcoming EP, and check their website for more details on what’s to come.  



If you’re not familiar with Earnest Streeter aka DJEarnMoney, or his company Splash Paradise, best believe you’re not going to be disappointed with what you find. With this new song titled “Baelien”, it’s a vibe-filling song that just oozes with a confident producer, and an even more confident MC. This song might not be the most lyrical or complex we’ve heard thus far, and why would it be? Its booming bass line, tinkling hi-hats, and soothing synthesizers are essential ingredients to make this juicy track, in addition to conveying a simple message: You’re out of this world with your beauty and vibes.


earf gurl

Two years after her previous release of her EP “Daydream,” the 25-year-old singer/songwriter Brittany Nacole has finally graced the world with the debut of her much anticipated album “Earf Gurl.” A sound that resonates under the same breath as its predecessors such as Mya or Solange, yet it breathes a new modernity, while still playing to its early 90s and 00s roots. Her charisma and savvy approach to her art is seen through multiple visions throughout this project - her casualness of deleting thirsty voicemail messages, and archiving the ones that actually motivate her to continue what she was born to do. Tracks like “Golden” and “Changed My Mind” release a sense of warmth and comfort that is reflective off this album as a whole. Brittany’s positive attitude comes off naturally and therapeutic on the 15 track album, much like the comfort of nature. Check out "Earf Gurl" below.