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Total eclipse of the mix comin for your ears today. While everyone was using their eyes to check out the eclipse, we were over hear using our ears! On this momentous day in scientific history, take a listen to what we're bumping this week to get us in the mood for the eclipse! We've got some smooth vibes from Elton Aura, Nappy Nina, Asal Hazel, Jamila Woods and more to keep the vibes right! Coming back again with our installment of Mixtape Mondays, our purpose is to enhance your musical knowledge with some of the dopest music that’s been buzzing through our ears at the AMFM Lab. So whether you’re riding your bike out through the neighborhood, or you’re waiting to hop on the Pink Line, here’s some jawns to keep y’all flowing through the week.


gem and i

ELTON AURA is one of those artists that as of lately has been getting quite a buzz here in Chicago. Whether it be playing at select DIY shows or at established settings like Subterranean or Schuba’s, you know that you’re in for a hell of a vibe when he’s up on the stage, and that’s no different with “Jagged Edge”, a cool and smooth track with a definitive bounce to it, produced by Phoelix. Fox Valley’s got a gem in their region, and we will definitely be on the lookout for anything Elton releases in the near future. Till then, peep his newest release below.


mother nature

ASAL HAZEL is a neo-soul vocalist from Los Angeles that has been slowly blooming into herself as a purist in terms of defining the R&B genre, and she just released her latest track titled USAYUDO, produced by the LA beat wizard MNDSGN. With the backing of powerhouse labels Stones Throw and Akashik Records, the 23-year-old Persian-American is currently working up her debut EP that she’s started since 2015. Her soothing vocal patterns, her bloomful and poetic language that centers on love, enlightenment, and lust, it’s safe to say that Asal has got the juice on her, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing her project Like Water coming out soon. Peep the track below.


no clue

Young Jasper and Mikey Dinero have linked up to release their latest video “My Name Is Uno”. Shot and directed by Pandy, this video is filled with eye-capturing transitions and animations that is bound to keep the viewer engaged and deadset on finishing the video. The trap beat and the chorus are hella catchy, the visuals are on point, and the ceiling can only get higher for Young Jasper and Mikey Dinero and what they got in the coming months. Peep the video here.



From the Bay Area in Oakland to the grit-and-grind streets of Brooklyn, NAPPY NINA has always kept true to herself as an emcee and hasn’t let a regional move change her cadence and signature style for the longest. We were really blessed to have Nina come to our Jazz Series. Fresh off her latest EP release Extraordinary, Nappy Nina gives her listeners a heavy dose of ultra-futuristic sounds with a familiar boom-bap feel that just gets you in your zone. Her delivery is raw, it’s authentic, and it’s a breath of fresh air that is reminiscent of the foremothers of hip-hop ala MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Lil’ Kim, amongst others. Peep her latest track titled "Mofiya".


earf gurl

It’s been quite a transition for STASIA IRONS AKA STA THEE BOSS, formerly one half of Seattle’s experimental and soulful hip-hop group THEESATISFACTION. With the 2014 release of her EP Stas for Hire, as well as her constant moves in solidifying herself as a pioneer in Seattle’s hip-hop scene (i.e. being the face of “Street Sounds” for Seattle’s KEXP radio station, obtaining a residency at the Havana Social Club), she’s always striving for the next endeavor. With the release of her latest EP titled S’WOMEN, it should come as no surprise to us that she’s embellishing a level of spirituality and mindfulness that is reflective of Seattle’s independent hip-hop scene. Peep her track “Found Parking”, produced by Norvis Jr. - a rich and experimentally sonical track, filled with spoken word mantras and anthems of bliss, such as: “Fill me with your light your beauty and your art.”




JAMILA WOODS has at long last released the latest visual off from her HEAVN album “LSD” featuring Chance The Rapper. Earlier this May, both Jamila and Chance encouraged students from Chicago Public School to submit a treatment for the “LSD” video. Ashley Huicochea, a senior at the time from Prosser Career Academy, won the competition and was able to shadow the co-directors Sam Bailey and Vincent Martell, founder/creator of VAM Studio. Six other finalists from surrounding Chicago Public Schools were also in attendance, shadowing key crew members, given the insight and opportunity to collaborate on such an ecclectic music video. Peep the “Making Of” mini-documentary here. As the video goes, Jamila goes very deep into challenging the one-dimensional narrative of Chicago as a stereotypical depiction of guns and gang violence, by highlighting these intensely colorful scenes of innocent children, BBQ backyard cookouts, and baby swimming pools. For as long as I can remember, Jamila has been as graceful as she has been fearless with her vision---emboldening young people to have their voices heard through poetry as the Associate Artistic Director for Young Chicago Authors. We can only be so spoiled to have someone like her as a leading musical force in Chicago’s community of artists, so this is her moment. And she’s sharing it with us all.

Listen to the full mixtape here on Soundcloud!