edo and olivier


Jamila Woods continues to awe us with her soothing melodies and ethereal visuals in her music video “Holy,” shot by VAM, and directed by Brown Girls co-creator Sam Bailey. The track comes from her debut album HEAVN, which when initially released in July was only available on SoundCloud, but then was given a digital and physical launch through Jagjaguwar and Closed Sessions. The music video was offered in celebration of the news.

Jamila begins in a bathtub, reciting lines of the Lord’s prayer interlaced with her own airy harmonies. As she declares “Woke up this morning with my mind set on loving me” her braids, done by acclaimed hair artist Shani Crowe, begin to float before cutting to a dance sequence featuring Jenn “Po Chop” Freeman, which is as much of a performance as it is praise. We meet Jamila again, this time with a troupe of black women all dressed in white, with white paint swatched across their eyes. By the time the second chorus has began, we are taken to a church where Jamilia floats down the aisle with conviction - her troupe sits confidently spersed throughout the pews.  Between these scenes are cuts of extended hands, dynamic choreography, and Jamila serenading us to love ourselves from her vessel.

Although the video is brimming with soft lyrics, cooing vocal layering, and fairy-tale like imagery, it is not to be confused with a lullaby. Jamila elegantly proses self-protection and well wishes against a dazzling mythological backdrop celebrating black girlhood. The song offered as a form of resistance. As she sings, and her mane levitates, it parallels the lyrics, which proudly alludes to a refusal to let her spirit to be weighed down by the racial aggressions and adversity of our current social climate. With the frequent references to Lord’s Prayer and biblical passages, Jamilia is complete despite being alone and finds fulfillment through her smile and mind. In a world gauged against brown skin, Jamilia beckons us to love ourselves as a form of protest. To be kinder to our thoughts and to ourselves; to practice self care as a form of renewal. This video is by black girls, for black girls to solely and wholly love themselves.

Watch the video below.