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sylvie grace


Last week we had Chicago illustrator and SAIC alum Jeff Pak come in and adorn our gallery walls with his life size coloring book installation, Color Me Badd which includes a light hearted mixture of characters, words, anime, phrases, and pop coluture references pre-drawn by Pak. If you've ever been told not to draw on the walls or to stay within the lines, this show is not that. Guests are invited to color in his illustrations with crayon and actively be a part of the piece.

This is his second installment of the show, which he describes as collective and experiential art. He came in two days before the opening and allowed his imagination to run wild as he listened to music and drew freely whatever he was feeling at the moment. A large component of why he wanted to create this show was to bring people together through art and for people to tap into their inner child and create something together, begging the question of and art, collaboration and ownership. He doesn't color in any of the pieces once he creates the blueprint of illustrations, he sits back and watches how others engage with the work and see his art come to life. Hear more from Pak below on Color Me Badd, and look out for his next show in a city near you! He hopes to travel with the show in the near future.