sylvie grace


Check out ONLi Packs, created by our right hand AMFM man, Dxtr Spits. ONLi Packs are functional backpacks for the modern creative, dream chasers, and the go-getters. Each backpack is specifically designed by local Chicago artists, with the purpose of catering to the needs of all individuals. They just wrapped up their first contest where artists submitted their work to be chosen for the newest pack. We can't wait to get more of these in the AMFM shop!


emma mckee


There are no mistakes in life, the same goes for embroidery. Emma Mckee, better known as The Stitch Gawd, knows this all too well, so it’s no mistake that she found herself in immersed in Chicago’s Hip-Hop scene far from her hometown in Tulsa, Oklahoma after her stint in Canada had come to an abrupt ending. It’s also no mistake that she found solace in the music scene and found herself rubbing elbows and thus embroidering the backs for some of Chicago’s finest artists like Chance The Rapper.

edo and olivier


Eyes, hearts, souls and inner fashionistas will be stricken by Imani Kutti’s recent fashion line, Ivory Kutts, inspired by her Nigerian roots and the urban city chic of Chicago. It’s the combination of uniquely crafted pieces inspired by Kente patterns and the beautifully melanated models that gives Ivory Kutts it’s oomph.



Milwaukee's Vato calls himself a man of many hats, stylist, musician, creator, and he encompasses this all through his brand Paid With Roots. He recently released a lookbook called the "Vatofied Experience," a look into his eclectic style. "It All Starts With A Look," is sprawled across the screen over A$AP Ferg and Future's track "On A New Level" as Vato flexes in his fresh duds.

calid b


INARU (pronounced e-na-ru) is what happens when art, jewelry and spirit and nature collide. Jecilia Negron, the artist and mastermind behind the jewelry line decided to adorn bodies with art rather than on the canvases she was used to working with. Negron, who comes from a family of artists and musicians, is a painter and photographer, and recently launched INARU.

calid b


Chicago Playground is a clothing line rooted in classic garment construction yet fueled with  innovative energy. Founded by Rodnell Harris, Chicago Playground is a standing metaphor for the multitudinous avenues to success the "land of the go" is known to have. The brand represents expression that seeps through generations.

calid b


Home of elongating silhouettes and homages to the advanced style of Japanese streetwear, Iridium Clothing Co. collates current trends and futuristic designs. The brainchild of founder Mr. Platinum, a former artist stylist, Iridium is constantly redefining its limits each season. The brands notorious original design was their signature varsity jacket.

calid b


Not all diamonds come with blood shed or conflict. One of them is the Austin, Texas based jewelry and design duo “Diamonds Are Evil.” Definitely a name with shock value, but it comes from a place of genuinity. The husband and wife pair are exposing the ills of the diamond industry in a beautiful and sustainable way with their intricate one of a kind designs.

calid b


Seshat Queen Tut crowned herself well before she began performing for the public, but it didn’t take long for the confident emcee to gain loyal subjects. Tut made a splash in her debut feature, inviting listeners to join her artistic journey on the opening verse of AR Wesley’s “Drug Flow RMX.” Since then she’s laced her royal rhymes

calid b


Portland’s Wildfang isn’t simply just a brand, but a growing movement for women who do not fit the mold of what society may deem them. For a long time fashion has fallen short in regards to the outdated gender binary. Wildfang is urban tailored chic for the woman who wears what she wants, and is what she wants.