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DRAMA, a dark and passionate musical house collaboration featuring Via Rosa and Na’el Yusef Shehade from Chicago dropped an amazing 8 track EP titled Gallows last month and are set to have their release party this Thursday at Chop Shop.

The duo’s singer, Via Rosa has a rustic, soulful, and bluesy vibe, much like her Austin, Texas roots. She is also a vegan chef, writer, songstress, photographer, painter, philosopher and most of all a dreamer, who is also a part of THEMpeople, an experimental production collective. Na’el Yusef Shehade, the other half of DRAMA is a well known music producer in Chicago, who has worked with artists such as Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, Alex Wiley, MTV, and Jean Deaux, who introduced the two in 2015. Yusef was born and raised in Chicago, and has been spinning since he was 16 in his parents garage, and is now signed to Force One Seven and also runs Kake, a creative team of designers, photographers, writers and problem-solvers. They have combined together to add their ethereal twist to house music.  

From the jump, the whole entire album was arranged together so well from every vocal, to lyric, to instrument, and every boom bap. We remember listening to the first track “Hopes Up,” one of their most popular first tracks on the project, awhile ago. It feels like you are cruising on the highway really fast and have no worries. The vocals are layered, mixed and mastered phenomenally, and the wordplay throughout the entire album was beautiful. DRAMA is the total feels, and is filled with Rosa's enchanting beautiful melodies. Gallows stemmed from "gallows humor,” which is “humor about painful circumstances.

It is easy to relate to everything Rosa is saying. The track “Barely Friends,” is a powerful piece which she explains being in love and being afraid of that feeling even if has been 25 years in the making. The guitar and muted piano was a perfect way to finish off the song, and complemented her vocals well. It’s easy to imagine Rosa in the back swaying with the piano. The track "Fuck Dave," alludes to the “fuck boy,” with the lyrics saying it all, "loving you is holding me back" which left her cold and lonely. Rosa’s lower and higher octaves, and how they vibrate through your membranes is just that somthing you may need. The spanish guitar with the reverb was a heavenly and blissful addition.

The final track "Falling" was the perfect conclusion to the story that DRAMA is telling through Gallows. Falling in love can be so scary at times, especially if it’s old love, but it's magic if they are actually feeling the same way towards you. DRAMA has heart. “Hopes Up” got our hopes up for more, and they surely delivered. Make sure you check out their show this Thursday and experience their dreamy vibes live.

Drama Duo Chop Shop

Take a listen to "Gallows" below.